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Truck Rear View Cameras

Large vehicles are especially vulnerable to back over accidents that often result in injury or death.  Particularly in work environments where large vehicles are used, accidents often occur when a work vehicle is being backed up.  Several companies are taking advantage of rear view camera systems to enhance the safety in this type of environment.  Check out the article below from prnewswire.com that describes how companies are taking advantage of this technology.

Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a… — NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

“NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a Director of Sales.” http://prnewswire.com/news-releases/shawn-oconnell-of-collision-avoidance-systems-joins-rear-view-safety-as-a-director-of-sales-281907491.html


Now that we have all of these great accident avoidance technologies at our disposal, all companies should be looking at how these technologies can be implemented within their fleets to reduce their cost of accidents.”

The aforementioned statement was one of the many comments that Shawn O’Connell gave during an interview about his plans with Rear View Safety. Mr. O’Connell’s goal is to provide commercial vehicle drivers with the extra set of eyes that they need while they are operating large vehicles. He feels that the Rear View Safety technology can not only prevent accidents, but also document occurrences for companies so that they know the true details of a particular incident.

The advanced technology that Rear View Safety offers includes vehicle backup cameras, commercial backup camera system, collision avoidance systems and much more. Backup cameras help drivers to view their blind spots before they back up their trucks and trailers. Mr. O’Connell used an example from a recent study to explain the vulnerability of large vehicles. He stated that 28 children could fit within the blind spot of an ordinary SUV. He urged fleet owners to consider the astronomical number of children that could fit in the blind spot of a 28-foot box truck. Backup camera systems can save many people’s lives. Additionally, they can prevent personal injury suits and wrongful death litigation. Therefore, a company’s investment in safety technology is well worth saving its integrity.


As this article points out, even a typical SUV has a blind spot that several children could fit into. Just imagine how big the blind spot is for a large dump truck or vehicles that can be found around a construction site. It is encouraging to see that so many different types of business enterprises are moving to rear view camera systems to enhance safety in work environments where large vehicles are employed.

Rear view cameras better that sensors?

Is a Rear view camera better than sensors

Sensors are definitely a safety aid when backing up a vehicle.  However, a rear view camera offers much better visualization of what is behind the vehicle that a sensor.  The article below explores this issue.

 Tesla on top in Consumer Reports issue; rear cameras safer than sensors – NWautos


"Consumer Reports rates vehicles in a number of categories, including used-car reliability, best and worst new cars, new-car ratings and road tests. To see all the categories in its 2014 Autos Spotlight, visit consumerreports.org.

NWautos staff

Rear cameras excel in safety test, study finds
Rear cameras work better than parking sensors at preventing drivers from running over small children or hitting objects while backing up, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The insurance trade organization tested the systems recently with a group of 111 volunteer drivers in an empty parking lot in Carson, Calif. Researchers placed a foam cutout of a child-size crash-test dummy in the volunteers' path as they backed up. Drivers with the rear-view camera alone had the fewest collisions; 56 percent of them hit the dummy. While 94 percent with parking sensors alone hit the dummy. Automakers are looking at this and other research as they plan new models. Honda, for example, says it will have rear-view cameras standard on all Honda and Acura models for the 2015 model year.

Los Angeles Times"


  If you own a vehicle today without a rear view camera installed, you might be interested in purchasing an aftermarket camera.  You can find one by clicking on the ad below or going to the camera shopping site.


Rear view camera image
High Definition and wide viewing angles
Supports Color CMOS/CCD images; Batteries: Powered Through Your Car
Size: 1" x 1" / 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm ; Color: Gunmetal
Package Contents: 1 x Car Rear View Camera, 1 x Video Cable, 1 x Power Cable, 1 x English user manual
HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products


Spy camera: the law

Obey spy camera laws!

The use of a spy camera is being regulated in different ways in different states across the country.  That means you need to be aware of the specific rules regarding these cameras in your state.  It could be very costly to find yourself being prosecuted for an illegal use of a hidden spy camera.  The law applies to civilians as well as government law enforcement agencies as the article below describes.

Video Security and CCTV Surveillance Blog – Hidden Cameras and the Law

“As a business owner, is it legal to record audio with a hidden camera or covert audio recording device?

The laws regarding recording covert audio are much more established than the laws regarding covert video surveillance. In general, the law defines covert audio devices as anything that is intentionally designed to covertly intercept oral communication. Each state has its own laws regarding the use of covert audio. However, federal law, known as the USC (United States Code), supersedes state law.

Day/Night 30′ IR Color Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

State and federal laws state that it is currently legal for law enforcement agencies to record audio for covert surveillance applications for official duties as a government agent without the consent of the party being recorded.

If you are a business owner, using a common camcorder with a built-in microphone by itself is completely legal. However, when the camcorder is concealed in something that is designed for covert use, using the covert device to capture video and audio from a hidden location would be in violation of federal law and many state laws dealing with manufacturing and possession of covert and audio devices.

It is also currently illegal to record audio without the consent of one or both parties being recorded. Recording phone conversations is also illegal without the consent of the party being recorded. Additionally, it is legal for law enforcement agencies to record audio for covert surveillance applications for official duties as a government agent without the consent of the party being recorded.”



Do not be caught by surprise and how a spy camera is regulated in your state’s jurisdiction.  We hope the article above enlightens you on what to be aware of.  If you are considering the purchase of a spy camera you might consider clicking on the ad below.  It will take you to Amazon.com where you can look at several different types of cameras to fit your budget.


Spy camera
Invisible wireless earpiece receives signal by an inductive coil across electromagnetic fields (like a radio)
Works with any mobile phone with a 3.5mm jack or with the use of an adapter (not included)
Completely hidden and discreet communication
Earpiece Dimensions: 3x2mm



Spy camera: unique ways to use


Spy camera
Condition: 100% brand new with High quality.
Video compression: AVI video Format, 720 x 480
Video encoding : M-JPEG
Picture resolution : 1280*1024
Media playing software : Attached software of the operating





A spy camera can be a fun thing to have around.  They can be used for playing games and for replaying events that occur around the home.  The article below give some examples of how a spy can be used in very interesting ways.  If you would like to purchase one click on the ad above.

10 Surprising Uses for a Spy Camera | ArtiPeople are using spy cameras in amazing ways today.

Spy Camera for Games

Hidden cameras can add a whole level of entertainment to outdoor games. Why not have a look at our range of gaming outdoor cameras for use in paintballing, hide and seek and more fun for all the family? Imagine how much more exciting a game like paintballing would be if you could monitor where the opposing team was hiding? Not only this, but you can record memories to be watched back at any time.

Spying Cameras for Film making

As spy camera capabilities become more advanced with the ability to switch lenses for artistic flair, more filmmakers are using spy camera technology to capture imagery of scenes a regular camera would be too large to achieve. Extreme sports, first-person perspectives of everyday life, and bird’s eye views are just a view of these exciting ways of implementing covert cameras for modern movies. ”


Most of us think of a spy being used in a way to keep surveillance on people to prevent mischief.  However, there are many fun and exciting ways this technology can be use to enhance our lives.  I hope the article above gives you some ideas to stimulate your thinking on how you might use a spy camera in your life. However, there might be times when you do not want your privacy invaded with a camera.  In cases like this you might want to have a spy camera detector like the one displayed in the ad below.


Spy camera
Brand new and high quality
High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance
Simple to install
With super environmental suitability and stability
Low voltage indication




Spy camera detector

  Spy camera detector: For your privacy protection

It seems that spy cameras are everywhere these days.  Our privacy can be very easily compromised.  A spy camera detector is a new and inexpensive way to protect our privacy.  If this is a concern for you, check out the article below that explains how you can use a spy camera detector.

Spy camera detector – Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy ~ Security Geeks

Purchase a Hidden Camera Detector
You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where someone tries to film you
secretly and without your consent. If you find yourself in a situation where you think this may
happen, you should invest in a spy camera detector that will alert you to any hidden cameras
that may be around you. This will help you make sure that you don’t do or say anything that

could incriminate you later if you were secretly being filmed on a spy camera.”

an image of Spy%20camera%20detector Hidden Camera Detector Small



Make a Coffee Cup Spy Camera

coffee cup

Looking for a way to hide a spy camera?  How about placing a spy camera in a coffee cup?  That would be a creative way to hide the camera in a way that is very inconspicuous.   The image above shows how creative one can become when implementing this technology.  The article below illustrates just how to do it.



The project is installed in one paper cup with some modifications to it: the top is trimmed off, and a hole is cut in the bottom for the camera’s lens to point out. This cup will then slip in to the other cup, which also has a hole cut in its bottom. With the two holes lined up, when you lift and tilt the coffee cup the LEDs will illuminate: one will turn on when the tilt switch is activated, and the other will flash twice after a picture has been taken. You can see the light from the LEDs through the plastic lid.”

Article author:  

A spy camera are so small these days until they can be hidden in almost anything.  The article above shows how creativity combined with the current spy camera technology enables you to place a spy camera almost anywhere.



How to spot a spy camera

an image of Spy%20Camera All objects we record on our

There may be occasions when you would like to be sure there are no hidden spy cameras recording your activities. Technology has advanced such that is becoming more and more difficult to spot a spy camera. They can be hidden in all kinds of objects such as toys, clothing, clocks, just to mention a few. I found the article below to be very revealing in terms of the risk of our exposures.

Do You Know How To Spot A Hidden Camera – Home Security Articles

“Years ago, it was quite easy to spot a “hidden” security camera. Although the owner might try to hide it behind something, its large and bulky design made this difficult. However, due to the tiny size of today’s hidden cameras, they can be hidden in almost anything, from a picture frame to a teddy bear. If you don’t know that the camera is there, how can you spot them?

Today, many versions of hidden or “spy” cameras are wireless. With previous versions of these small surveillance cameras, a wire would still be needed to go from the recorder and power supply to the camera itself. No matter how small the camera was, the wire could still be detected. Not anymore! A wireless hidden camera is virtually impossible to detect unless you know exactly where to look.

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike


By James Shaw

As this article illustrates our exposure to spy cameras is imminent and ever present.However, there are solutions available. There are spy camera detection devices that are on the market today that you should examine.


spy camera

Types of Spy Cameras

an image of hidden%20camera Self Recording Hidden Cameras


There are many different types and styles of hidden spy cameras on the market today. They come in many different forms and likewise prices. They can be hidden in many types of objects such as pens, clocks, watches, and toys. The article below explores some of the characteristics of different types of cameras.

Hidden Cameras and Covert Spy Cameras for Private Detectives | eInvestigator.com

A hidden spy camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is “hidden” because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object. Hidden cameras have become popular for conducting household surveillance. Hidden cameras can be built into common household objects such as smoke detectors, clock radios, motion detectors, ball caps, plants, and cell phones. Hidden cameras may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras.

A hidden spy camera can be wired or wireless. A wired hidden camera will be connected to a TV, VCR, or DVR. A wireless hidden camera can be used to transmit a video signal to a receiver within a small radius (up to a few hundred feet).Some hidden camera shows have led to lawsuits or being denied to air by the people who were trapped in set-ups that they found unpleasant.”

Article Sourcehttps://www.einvestigator.com/hidden-cameras-and-hidden-spy-cams/

Many times cameras have been hidden in inappropriate locations resulting in lawsuits. Therefore, we should be exceptionally cautious in where we place hidden spy cameras. The inappropriate use of hidden cameras may cost us in terms of reputation and money. That is not to say we should not use them, we just need to be cautious. You might want to visit this site to review some of the cameras that are available.

More information on rear view cameras

Look at what a rear view camera can do to enhance safety and security in your life.  So many products are available today to assist you in backing up your vehicle that you should avail yourself of this amazing technology as the article below describes.

More Information about Car Rear view Camera – securitycamera2000 help

“We introduce two kinds of car rear view cameras to you. First is License plate camera. This product is installed with six foot long wires in the frame of a license plate, providing a view of the entire area behind the car. Talk about a personalized license plate. Second is pinhole rear view camera. You can’t get more inconspicuous than this miniature rear view camera. It is a perfect addition to any car alarm system, including the three types of car alarms: basic car alarms, engine starter car alarms, and 2-way paging car alarms.

The benefit of a rear view camera for cars is that it provides you with protection that goes beyond even the most advanced car alarm system. This is because, while state-of-the-art car alarms do their job and do it well, a rear view camera does the extra work that even the best car alarm falls short of. Get a car alarm to scare off the car thieves; get a rear view camera to capture their crime on film.”

Source: http://www.securitycamera2000.com/help/questions/213/

In the year 2018 all new autos will be equipped with a rear view camera.  In the meantime, there are millions of vehicles that do not have this technology installed.  If you would like to avail yourself of this amazing technology click on the ad below.

7” TFT (16:9)Wide Screen – Viewing Angle:U/D90° L/R120° – License Plate Mount
Universal Clip on Existing Mirrors – Power Comsumption:6W – Anti Glare Mirror
Wireless Remote Control – Auto Switch PAL/NTSC – Screen Dimensions: 10.19”W x4.25”H x 1.81”D
Resolution:480xRGBx234 – Dual Video Input(DVD/CAMERA/GAME) – Camera Dimensions: 8.46” W x1.29”H x 1.37”D
Contrast Ratio:400 CD/M2 – Rearview Night Vision Camera
7-inch TFT LCD display
Viewing Angle:U/D90° L/R120° – License Plate Mount; Universal Clip on Existing Mirrors – Power Comsumption:6W – Anti Glare Mirror
Wireless Remote Control – Auto Switch PAL/NTSC – Screen Dimensions: 10.19”W x4.25”H x 1.81”D
Resolution:480xRGBx234 – Dual Video Input(DVD/CAMERA/GAME) – Camera Dimensions: 8.46” W x1.29”H x 1.37”D
Contrast Ratio:400 CD/M2 – Rearview Night Vision Camera



Classification and Function of a rear view camera

7 inch TFT LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor With Remote and Stand
Waterproof Car Rear View Camera Night Vision
Two RCA video can connect to GPS, DVD, PS2, Xbox or rear view camera etc with RCA video port for displaying purpose.
the camera is Waterproof and can be installed on your license
Easy installation without damaging to any parts of the car.





It is becoming more and more common to see rear view cameras on vehicles of all kinds on the road today.  The US government has mandated that all new vehicles must have them installed by 2018, but until then older cars are going to depend upon the aftermarket to equip their vehicles with these cameras.  Classification and function of a rear view camera are important issues to clearly understand when making a purchase of one of these systems.  The article below can assist you in the decision making process.

“Function of Car Rear view Camera

The automotive rear view camera reflects the rear part of the car, the side and the bottom of the case, so that motorists can indirectly see these locations, it plays the role of the “second eye” to expand the scope of the driver’s field of vision. Automotive rear view systems are important safety pieces, and are quite particular about its camera, shape and manipulate. The quality and installation of car rear view system has a corresponding industry standard, and when one is doing this, one cannot as one pleases. The general assembly outside rear view camera and inside rear view system is cars and other light passenger cars, large commercial vehicles (buses and trucks), generally the assembly rear view cameras are outside mirrors, under the rear-view mirror and inside rear view camera.

Classification of Car Rear View Cameras

According to the installation position, the car rear view camera can be divided into rear view camera, lower outside camera, back rear view camera and inside rear view camera. If divided by the use, the exterior rear view camera reflects the car backside, and the lower rear-view mirror reflects the car before the bottom, inside rear-view camera reflects the rear of the car and in-car. The purpose is not the same as the mirror structure will be different. Door rear view in general, there are two types, one is a plane mirror, by definition flat mirror is jargon is the radius of surface curvature R infinity”, which with the normal household with a camera obtained with the visual image of the same size, this plane mirror is used to do the inside rear view mirror. the other is a convex mirror, a spherical mirror-like, having a radius of curvature of the different size, its image is smaller than the visual field range is large, as a camera “wide angle” role, this convex camera is used to do the outside camera and under the rear-view camera.”

The Source of this article – http://rear-view-camera.net/function-classification-car-rear-view-system/

We hope this helps in the decision making process.  Don’t hesitate to visit the source of the article above if you feel you need additional information.

an image of  Backup camera view on the

Rear view camera via smartphone app

Your rear view camera can now be access via your smartphone app.  Rear View Safety has announced it’s smartphone app which is described below in their article below.  It enables you to see what your rear view camera is showing on your phone.

Rear View Safety Debuts GoVue, the First Back Up Camera Smartphone App | Rear View Safety

Intro: Rear View Safety, a leading consumer safety organization and number one back up camera distributor, continues to embrace the best that technology has to offer with the release of GoVue. The first ever back up camera smartphone app makes the visual information from your car’s Wi-Fi back up camera system available on many of today’s popular smartphones and tablet devices, including those that run on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Press Release: BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec. 29, 2014 – As a leader in back up camera systems and technologies, Rear View Safety is the first company of its kind to launch a back up camera smartphone app just in time for the holidays. The GoVue app is designed to make sure that drivers have all of the information that they need for the safest ride possible at all times.” http://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety/rear-view-safety-debuts-govue-the-first-back-up-camera-smartphone-app/

One more step to ensure your safety and those of your community.  If you are considering a a rear view camera for your car check out the ad below.

7 inch TFT LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor With Remote and Stand
Waterproof Car Rear View Camera Night Vision
Two RCA video can connect to GPS, DVD, PS2, Xbox or rear view camera etc with RCA video port for displaying purpose.
the camera is Waterproof and can be installed on your license plate
Easy installation without damaging to any parts of the car.



Rear view camera


There will be profits galore for some producers of rear view camera systems.  The new law that mandates new cars to be equipped with these cameras will increase demand and therefore profits for companies like Magna International Inc.  The article below from automotive news illustrates this point.

Backup camera mandate boosts suppliers

“”David Sedgwick Automotive News April 5, 2014 – 8:09 am ET DETROIT — The biggest beneficiary of the new federal mandate for rear view cameras is likely to be Magna International Inc., which claims 40 percent of the North American market for the equipment. Other suppliers such as Delphi Automotive, Gentex Corp., Panasonic Corp. and Valeo S.A. also are poised to profit. Suppliers also see the mandate driving more business on the horizon. The cameras are another step toward sophisticated safety aids, which the suppliers would produce, that give drivers a 360-degree view around their vehicles.


There is no denying that fact that suppliers of rear view camera systems will benifit from the increased demand for this emerging technology.  Along with the benefit of safer driving, there are many additional features being added to the rear view camera that motorists and pedestrians will benefit from. If you are contemplating installing a rear view camera on your present vehicle go to the rearviewcamera.com for a huge selection

rear view camera

Best Backup Camera Guide

If you want a backup camera for your car but don’t know how to shop for one, you may be interested in the article I found below by Cas.

Best Backup Camera Guide | The best backup camera’s reviewed!

“Since you found my website, I know you’re not looking for just any backup camera, you are looking for thebest backup camera.

The comparison list below and my backup camera reviews will help you in finding the best backup camera

Backup camera comparison table

viewing angle
Night Vision?
Size (inch)
# inputs
Mirror view
TaoTronics TT-CC17 
cam only licenseplate 170 cmos yes yes, 120 degrees no Yes no
Rear View Safety RVS-770613 system block 130 ccd yes 7″ 3 yes no yes
Pyle PLCM34WIR System licenseplate add-on 92 cmos yes yes 1 wireless 3.5″ 1 wireless yes, fixed yes no no
Master Lock 4843DATSEN System towing cam ? cmos no yes 1 wireless 3.5″ 1 wireless yes, fixed yes no no
Peak PKC0RB System licenseplate add-on 110 cmos no no 1 wireless 2.6″ 1 wireless yes, fixed yes no no
Sony XA-R800C cam only bullet / box 138 / 92 ccs no yes 1x rca
Audiovox ACA200W cam only licenseplatte click-on 130 cmos no yes 1x rca selectable
Audiovox ACA240 system licenseplate add-on 110 cmos no yes 1x rca 2.5″ 1 wireless yes yes no no
Pioneer ND-BC6 cam only bullet / box 138 / 114 cmos no yes 1x rca
Pyle PLCM36 system licenseplate add-on 92 cmos yes yes 1x rca 3.5″ 2 yes, fixed no no no
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 entries

I have even more backup camera’s and camera systems in my full backup camera guide.  ”

Cas provides some key information on models and manufacturers of backup cameras. So give this article a careful review and share it with friends if you like it.