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School Security Cameras


School Security Cameras: Do Studies And Security Mesh?

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Do security video cameras belong in schools?
The response to this continues to be the subject of heated debates. Parents and lawmakers are all for the setup of school security cameras while students and teachers emphatically oppose it. The concern is one that strikes a very effective chord in schools everywhere, and echoes the problem that challenge lawmakers on a nationwide scale. Which is more vital – safety or personal privacy?
Why the Need for School Security Cameras?
Over the last few years, the school has actually been the setting of lots of awful and violent incidents.  To prevent further bloodshed, teachers and legislators have actually joined to make schools safe. Some of the methods that … View the rest

Video Security System

Let Mother and father Sleep Easy; Install A Video Security System Now
Little Red Riding Hood let the Big Bad Wolf in since she didn’t know any better. Thanks to the latest video security system, you can be sure whoever is knocking and gently rapping at the door or huffing and puffing to blow your home down.

Spy camera: the law

Obey spy camera laws!

The use of a spy camera is being regulated in different ways in different states across the country.  That means you need to be aware of the specific rules regarding these cameras in your state.  It could be very costly to find yourself being prosecuted for an illegal use of a hidden spy camera.  Do not be caught by surprise and how a spy camera is regulated in your state’s jurisdiction.  The law applies to civilians as well as government law enforcement agencies as the article below describes.

Video Security and CCTV Surveillance Blog – Hidden Cameras and the Law

“As a business owner, is it legal to record audio with a hidden camera or covert audio recording device?

The laws … View the rest

Spy camera: unique ways to use



A spy camera can be a fun thing to have around.  They can be used for playing games and for replaying events that occur around the home.  The article below give some examples of how a spy can be used in very interesting ways.  If you would like to purchase one click on the ad above.

10 Surprising Uses for a Spy Camera | ArtiPeople are using spy cameras in amazing ways today.

Spy Camera for Games

Hidden cameras can add a whole level of entertainment to outdoor games. Why not have a look at our range of gaming outdoor cameras for use in paintballing, hide and seek and more fun for all the family? Imagine how much more exciting a … View the rest