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Drone Camera Photography

Drone camera technology promises to dramatically alter the future for arial photography.  With the new options come new challenges that poses risks to traffic safety, property and loss of life.  So much so, in fact, the government has imposed restrictions on the use of them that is described in the article below.

Drone Technology Opens Up New Options for Photographers

"While drones have taken photography to a new height, there are still certain limitations.

“You cannot fly over big crowds," De Moya said, "because if, God forbid, something were to happen, they could really hurt someone below. In certain highly populated areas — for example, in the city — if there’s too much concrete, sometimes it can interfere with the GPS.”

In the … View the rest

Rear view camera for trucks

Backup Camera For Trucks

If you drive a pickup truck, you likely know just how durable a vehicle this is. If you want your truck to remain durable and in high quality, the best thing that you can do is avoid accidents at all costs.  One way to save yourself the risk of getting into a wreck or striking someone when backing out is to purchase a backup camera for trucks.  By keeping your truck in the absolute best condition, you will be able to maintain the high quality of the truck and avoid getting it dinged up. Sometimes though, it’s not the high speed collisions that you need to look out for — it’s the low speed accidents that occur when you are backing … View the rest

Rear view cameras better that sensors?

Is a Rear view camera better than sensors

Sensors are definitely a safety aid when backing up a vehicle.  However, a rear view camera offers much better visualization of what is behind the vehicle that a sensor.  The article below explores this issue.

 Tesla on top in Consumer Reports issue; rear cameras safer than sensors – NWautos

“Consumer Reports rates vehicles in a number of categories, including used-car reliability, best and worst new cars, new-car ratings and road tests. To see all the categories in its 2014 Autos Spotlight, visit

— NWautos staff

Rear cameras excel in safety test, study finds

Rear cameras work better than parking sensors at preventing drivers from running over small children or hitting objects while backing up, according … View the rest

More information on rear view cameras

Look at what a rear view camera can do to enhance safety and security in your life.  So many products are available today to assist you in backing up your vehicle that you should avail yourself of this amazing technology as the article below describes.

More Information about Car Rear view Camera – securitycamera2000 help

“We introduce two kinds of car rear view cameras to you. First is License plate camera. This product is installed with six foot long wires in the frame of a license plate, providing a view of the entire area behind the car. Talk about a personalized license plate. Second is pinhole rear view camera. You can’t get more inconspicuous than this miniature rear view camera. It is a perfect addition … View the rest

Classification and Function of a rear view camera

It is becoming more and more common to see rear view cameras on vehicles of all kinds on the road today.  The US government has mandated that all new vehicles must have them installed by 2018, but until then older cars are going to depend upon the aftermarket to equip their vehicles with these cameras.  Classification and function of a rear view camera are important issues to clearly understand when making a purchase of one of these systems.  The article below can assist you in the decision making process.

“Function of Car Rear view Camera

The automotive rear view camera reflects the rear part of the car, the side and the bottom of the case, so that motorists can indirectly see these locations, it plays … View the rest

Rear view camera via smartphone app

Rear View Camera App

Your rear view camera can now be accessed via your smartphone app.  Rear View Safety has announced it’s smartphone app which is described below in their article below.  It enables you to see what your rear view camera is showing on your phone.

Rear View Safety Debuts GoVue, the First Back Up Camera Smartphone App | Rear View Safety

“Intro: Rear View Safety, a leading consumer safety organization and number one back up camera distributor, continues to embrace the best that technology has to offer with the release of GoVue. The first ever back up camera smartphone app makes the visual information from your car’s Wi-Fi back up camera system available on many of today’s popular smartphones and tablet devices, … View the rest

Rear view camera


There will be profits galore for some producers of rear view camera systems.  The new law that mandates new cars to be equipped with these cameras will increase demand and therefore profits for companies like Magna International Inc.    If you are contemplating installing a rear view camera on your present vehicle go to the for a huge selection.  The article below from automotive news illustrates this point.

Backup camera mandate boosts suppliers

“”David Sedgwick Automotive News April 5, 2014 – 8:09 am ET DETROIT — The biggest beneficiary of the new federal mandate for rear view cameras is likely to be Magna International Inc., which claims 40 percent of the North American market for the equipment. Other suppliers such as Delphi Automotive, Gentex … View the rest

Best Backup Camera Guide

If you want a backup camera for your car but don’t know how to shop for one, you may be interested in the article I found below by Cas.

Best Backup Camera Guide | The best backup camera’s reviewed!

“Since you found my website, I know you’re not looking for just any backup camera, you are looking for thebest backup camera.

The comparison list below and my backup camera reviews will help you in finding the best backup camera

Backup camera comparison table
viewing angle
Night Vision?
Size (inch)
# inputs
Mirror view
TaoTronics TT-CC17  cam only licenseplate 170 cmos yes yes, 120 degrees no Yes no Rear View Safety RVS-770613 system block 130
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Truck Rear View Cameras

Large vehicles are especially vulnerable to back over accidents that often result in injury or death.  Particularly in work environments where large vehicles are used, accidents often occur when a work vehicle is being backed up.  Several companies are taking advantage of rear view camera systems to enhance the safety in this type of environment.  Check out the article below from that describes how companies are taking advantage of this technology.

Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a… — NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

“NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a Director of Sales.”


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