Classification and Function of a rear view camera

It is becoming more and more common to see rear view cameras on vehicles of all kinds on the road today.  The US government has mandated that all new vehicles must have them installed by 2018, but until then older cars are going to depend upon the aftermarket to equip their vehicles with these cameras.  Classification and function of a rear view camera are important issues to clearly understand when making a purchase of one of these systems.  The article below can assist you in the decision making process.

“Function of Car Rear view Camera

The automotive rear view camera reflects the rear part of the car, the side and the bottom of the case, so that motorists can indirectly see these locations, it plays the role of the “second eye” to expand the scope of the driver’s field of vision. Automotive rear view systems are important safety pieces, and are quite particular about its camera, shape and manipulate. The quality and installation of car rear view system has a corresponding industry standard, and when one is doing this, one cannot as one pleases. The general assembly outside rear view camera and inside rear view system is cars and other light passenger cars, large commercial vehicles (buses and trucks), generally the assembly rear view cameras are outside mirrors, under the rear-view mirror and inside rear view camera.

Classification of Car Rear View Cameras

According to the installation position, the car rear view camera can be divided into rear view camera, lower outside camera, back rear view camera and inside rear view camera. If divided by the use, the exterior rear view camera reflects the car backside, and the lower rear-view mirror reflects the car before the bottom, inside rear-view camera reflects the rear of the car and in-car. The purpose is not the same as the mirror structure will be different. Door rear view in general, there are two types, one is a plane mirror, by definition flat mirror is jargon is the radius of surface curvature R infinity”, which with the normal household with a camera obtained with the visual image of the same size, this plane mirror is used to do the inside rear view mirror. the other is a convex mirror, a spherical mirror-like, having a radius of curvature of the different size, its image is smaller than the visual field range is large, as a camera “wide angle” role, this convex camera is used to do the outside camera and under the rear-view camera.”

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