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There may be occasions when you would like to be sure there are no hidden spy cameras recording your activities. Technology has advanced such that is becoming more and more difficult to spot a spy camera. They can be hidden in all kinds of objects such as toys, clothing, clocks, just to mention a few. I found the article below to be very revealing in terms of the risk of our exposures.

Do You Know How To Spot A Hidden Camera – Home Security Articles

“Years ago, it was quite easy to spot a “hidden” security camera. Although the owner might try to hide it behind something, its large and bulky design made this difficult. However, due to the tiny size of today’s hidden cameras, they can be hidden in almost anything, from a picture frame to a teddy bear. If you don’t know that the camera is there, how can you spot them?

Today, many versions of hidden or “spy” cameras are wireless. With previous versions of these small surveillance cameras, a wire would still be needed to go from the recorder and power supply to the camera itself. No matter how small the camera was, the wire could still be detected. Not anymore! A wireless hidden camera is virtually impossible to detect unless you know exactly where to look.

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By James Shaw

As this article illustrates our exposure to spy cameras is imminent and ever present.However, there are solutions available. There are spy camera detection devices that are on the market today that you should examine.


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