Make money with a drone



Want to make money with a drone?

Check out the article below. There are many different ways to use your drone to make money. Real estate and agricultural monitoring is just a few of the ways to become entrepreneurial your drone and attached camera.However, it is important that you adhere to the laws regarding this technology in your region. So be sure to review laws and regulations that may require a license or a certain age, particularly if you are using it for commercial use.

5 Ways to Make Money With Your Drone – DRONELIFE


"You bought your drone, have a few hours of flying under your belt and understand what it means to practice safe, ethical flying.

You’re bullish on commercial drone opportunities and want to know how to get your piece of the pie. Fortunately for you, there are countless ways to take advantage of this blossoming industry.

For a moment, let’s set aside hardware and software considerations, FAA regulations, pricing and packaging strategies, and flying extremely safely and professionally, and let’s run through a few different ways U.S.-based pilots are already making money with their drones, and how you can too:

1. Sell aerial footage to high-end properties.

Drone photography is changing the face of real estate as we know it.

I’d focus on showcasing properties that are $500,000 or more in value. You’ll have better luck going after the luxury market. Forget anything below that.

It’s not just realtors you can target, folks. Think golf courses, beachside resorts, amusement parks, hunting lodges, or ranches. Ooh, what about ski lodges?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 1.08.27 PMOf course, you’ve got to have a solid showreel, and some real footage to show your prospects to gain trust and credibility. I’d start local, filming your or your friends’ houses or properties, practicing both indoor and outdoor footage. Once you understand what kind of photos and videos you and your equipment can produce for a customer, you’ll be more confident in your sales process. Practice, practice, and more practice. The more hours of flight time, the better.

For a half-day shoot, expect to charge $500-$1000. That range can depend on a number of factors, like whether or not you’re providing indoor footage, or if you’re in charge of processing the raw footage, creating an introductory bumper, etc.

Think $500-$1000 for a half-day shoot, then another couple hours to edit the footage. You can always outsource the editing if that’s not your forte."

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make money with drone camera
HD WiFi Camera: Achieve real-time FPV by connecting with IOS or Android via quadcopter wifi real-time video transmission (FAA Registration NOT Required!)
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Bonus Battery: Your U845 FPV Drone includes an extra battery to double your flying time! It can be swapped or charged in place easily via USB! Each battery lasts 6-9 minutes per flight
Headless Mode: Makes easier flight and better control, no worry about drone direction when flying
Easy Safe and Fun to Fly: The headless mode, low voltage alarm, 360° flips function ensure you fly your copter at ease, fun and safe, no worry about the quadcopter fly away




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