Rear view camera via smartphone app

Rear View Camera App

Your rear view camera can now be accessed via your smartphone app.  Rear View Safety has announced it’s smartphone app which is described below in their article below.  It enables you to see what your rear view camera is showing on your phone.

Rear View Safety Debuts GoVue, the First Back Up Camera Smartphone App | Rear View Safety

Intro: Rear View Safety, a leading consumer safety organization and number one back up camera distributor, continues to embrace the best that technology has to offer with the release of GoVue. The first ever back up camera smartphone app makes the visual information from your car’s Wi-Fi back up camera system available on many of today’s popular smartphones and tablet devices, including those that run on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Press Release: BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec. 29, 2014 – As a leader in back up camera systems and technologies, Rear View Safety is the first company of its kind to launch a back up camera smartphone app just in time for the holidays. The GoVue app is designed to make sure that drivers have all of the information that they need for the safest ride possible at all times.”

One more step to ensure your safety and those of your community.  If you are considering a a rear view camera for your car check out the ad below.

7 inch TFT LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor With Remote and Stand
Waterproof Car Rear View Camera Night Vision
Two RCA video can connect to GPS, DVD, PS2, Xbox or rear view camera etc with RCA video port for displaying purpose.
the camera is Waterproof and can be installed on your license plate
Easy installation without damaging to any parts of the car.



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