Rear view cameras better that sensors?

Is a Rear view camera better than sensors

Sensors are definitely a safety aid when backing up a vehicle.  However, a rear view camera offers much better visualization of what is behind the vehicle that a sensor.  The article below explores this issue.

 Tesla on top in Consumer Reports issue; rear cameras safer than sensors – NWautos

“Consumer Reports rates vehicles in a number of categories, including used-car reliability, best and worst new cars, new-car ratings and road tests. To see all the categories in its 2014 Autos Spotlight, visit

NWautos staff

Rear cameras excel in safety test, study finds

Rear cameras work better than parking sensors at preventing drivers from running over small children or hitting objects while backing up, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The insurance trade organization tested the systems recently with a group of 111 volunteer drivers in an empty parking lot in Carson, Calif. Researchers placed a foam cutout of a child-size crash-test dummy in the volunteers’ path as they backed up. Drivers with the rear-view camera alone had the fewest collisions; 56 percent of them hit the dummy. While 94 percent with parking sensors alone hit the dummy. Automakers are looking at this and other research as they plan new models. Honda, for example, says it will have rear-view cameras standard on all Honda and Acura models for the 2015 model year.

Los Angeles Times

If you own a vehicle today without a rear view camera installed, you might be interested in purchasing an aftermarket camera.  You can find one by clicking on the ad below or going to the camera shopping site.


Rear view camera image
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