Spy camera: unique ways to use



A spy camera can be a fun thing to have around.  They can be used for playing games and for replaying events that occur around the home.  The article below give some examples of how a spy can be used in very interesting ways.  If you would like to purchase one click on the ad above.

10 Surprising Uses for a Spy Camera | ArtiPeople are using spy cameras in amazing ways today.

Spy Camera for Games

Hidden cameras can add a whole level of entertainment to outdoor games. Why not have a look at our range of gaming outdoor cameras for use in paintballing, hide and seek and more fun for all the family? Imagine how much more exciting a game like paintballing would be if you could monitor where the opposing team was hiding? Not only this, but you can record memories to be watched back at any time.

Spying Cameras for Film making

As spy camera capabilities become more advanced with the ability to switch lenses for artistic flair, more filmmakers are using spy camera technology to capture imagery of scenes a regular camera would be too large to achieve. Extreme sports, first-person perspectives of everyday life, and bird’s eye views are just a view of these exciting ways of implementing covert cameras for modern movies. ”


Most of us think of a spy being used in a way to keep surveillance on people to prevent mischief.  However, there are many fun and exciting ways this technology can be use to enhance our lives.  I hope the article above gives you some ideas to stimulate your thinking on how you might use a spy camera in your life. However, there might be times when you do not want your privacy invaded with a camera.  In cases like this you might want to have a spy camera detector like the one displayed in the ad below.





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