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Rear view cameras better that sensors?

Is a Rear view camera better than sensors

Sensors are definitely a safety aid when backing up a vehicle.  However, a rear view camera offers much better visualization of what is behind the vehicle that a sensor.  The article below explores this issue.

 Tesla on top in Consumer Reports issue; rear cameras safer than sensors – NWautos

“Consumer Reports rates vehicles in a number of categories, including used-car reliability, best and worst new cars, new-car ratings and road tests. To see all the categories in its 2014 Autos Spotlight, visit consumerreports.org.

— NWautos staff

Rear cameras excel in safety test, study finds

Rear cameras work better than parking sensors at preventing drivers from running over small children or hitting objects while backing up, according … View the rest

More information on rear view cameras

Look at what a rear view camera can do to enhance safety and security in your life.  So many products are available today to assist you in backing up your vehicle that you should avail yourself of this amazing technology as the article below describes.

More Information about Car Rear view Camera – securitycamera2000 help

“We introduce two kinds of car rear view cameras to you. First is License plate camera. This product is installed with six foot long wires in the frame of a license plate, providing a view of the entire area behind the car. Talk about a personalized license plate. Second is pinhole rear view camera. You can’t get more inconspicuous than this miniature rear view camera. It is a perfect addition … View the rest