Truck Rear View Cameras

Large vehicles are especially vulnerable to back over accidents that often result in injury or death.  Particularly in work environments where large vehicles are used, accidents often occur when a work vehicle is being backed up.  Several companies are taking advantage of rear view camera systems to enhance the safety in this type of environment.  Check out the article below from that describes how companies are taking advantage of this technology.

Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a… — NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

“NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Shawn O’Connell of Collision Avoidance Systems Joins Rear View Safety as a Director of Sales.”


Now that we have all of these great accident avoidance technologies at our disposal, all companies should be looking at how these technologies can be implemented within their fleets to reduce their cost of accidents.”

The aforementioned statement was one of the many comments that Shawn O’Connell gave during an interview about his plans with Rear View Safety. Mr. O’Connell’s goal is to provide commercial vehicle drivers with the extra set of eyes that they need while they are operating large vehicles. He feels that the Rear View Safety technology can not only prevent accidents, but also document occurrences for companies so that they know the true details of a particular incident.

The advanced technology that Rear View Safety offers includes vehicle backup cameras, commercial backup camera system, collision avoidance systems and much more. Backup cameras help drivers to view their blind spots before they back up their trucks and trailers. Mr. O’Connell used an example from a recent study to explain the vulnerability of large vehicles. He stated that 28 children could fit within the blind spot of an ordinary SUV. He urged fleet owners to consider the astronomical number of children that could fit in the blind spot of a 28-foot box truck. Backup camera systems can save many people’s lives. Additionally, they can prevent personal injury suits and wrongful death litigation. Therefore, a company’s investment in safety technology is well worth saving its integrity.


As this article points out, even a typical SUV has a blind spot that several children could fit into. Just imagine how big the blind spot is for a large dump truck or vehicles that can be found around a construction site. It is encouraging to see that so many different types of business enterprises are moving to rear view camera systems to enhance safety in work environments where large vehicles are employed.

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